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Alexandra’s work is influenced by an interest in armour and weaponry.  She enjoys finding unique ways in which she can incorporate certain aspects of both into her jewellery and silversmithing.  Many of her works explore the use of armour and weapons in nature by looking at the protective defence mechanisms of plant and animal life.  Currently she is taking her work is a less literal path and is instead incorporating the shapes found in animal and human armour into her works.

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Alexandra is interested in using contrasting elements in her work, such as combining rigid geometric forms and designs with more organic and less controlled elements.  The function of her work is important and often informs the design and aesthetic.  Exploring and learning to work with different techniques, materials, concepts and designs is important to her and she enjoys having a variety of work and styles.  Alexandra likes taking on bespoke projects, as they often push her outside of her comfort zone and allow her to use designs and techniques that she wouldn’t ordinarily use.  She enjoys the challenge and opportunity to take on new and unusual projects!

Originally from Scotland, Alexandra grew up in Bermuda before returning for University.  While in Bermuda, Alexandra began an unofficial apprenticeship with a local jeweller.  It was there that she really discovered her love of working with her hands (and fire and hammers) to create beautiful designs.  From there Alexandra went on to attended Glasgow School of Art from 2013 – 2017, graduating with a BA(Hons) degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery Design.

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